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Chrysanthemum ◦ Birth flower (November)

Chrysanthemum ◦ Birth flower (November)

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Chrysanthemum, symbol of grace and gratitude. The vibrant petals of the chrysanthemum represent the diversity of life and encourage gratitude for each precious moment. This sterling silver piece of jewelry reminds us of the importance of constant appreciation, celebrating the beauty hidden within each of us. Perfect for November births or as a daily reminder of the value of life.

Features :

  • November Birth Flower
  • Materials ; 925 sterling silver
  • Diamond forcat chain 1.45 mm adjustable from 16 to 20 inches
  • Pendant weight: 2.5 grams
Gift idea for...
A gesture of friendship in November: "Show your sincere friendship in November with the chrysanthemum pendant, a sign of gratitude for a precious friendship."
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