Collection: Birth flowers

Each month of the year is associated with a unique flower, which I have carefully selected. The pendants allow you to immortalize these flowers which, with their delicacy, are destined to fade over time.

Nature offers us beauty around every corner, but there is something special about the simplicity and elegance of flowers. It is this love for it that inspired me to create this collection of birth flower pendants.

My desire is to allow everyone to carry with them a touch of this ephemeral beauty as a lasting object. These pendants are constant reminders of the nature that surrounds us, of the cycle of the seasons, and of the simplicity of love, of friendship which is expressed through a gesture as delicate as offering a flower.

May these pendants remind you of the beauty of flora, and may they bring you a little of that joy that you feel when you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers. Each pendant is an imprint of time, of the nature that surrounds us.

Fleurs de naissance