Let's meet up!

To create a custom piece of jewelry, you must make an appointment.
Let me know your stories, ideas and inspirations.

Before your appointment, ask yourself:

  • What type of jewelry would I like to have? Ring, chain, etc.
  • What use will it be to me? For outings, weddings, gifts, etc.
  • What are my jewelry style preferences? Contemporary, vintage, classic?
  • What is my budget?

It will be my pleasure to accompany you throughout this experience while respecting your expectations.

Make an appointment

A first meeting

Initial creation

The first meeting can take place at our workshop or virtually. The service is offered free of charge. We will discuss your creation and an estimate will be produced.

Second meeting

Design and stones

This second meeting allows you to confirm, if necessary, your choices of precious stones from a selection made especially for you. A sketch or in some cases, a 3D rendering of the jewelry will be sent by email a few days later to validate the overall aesthetic. It is also at this time that the final quote can be produced. A 50% deposit will be necessary to begin manufacturing in the workshop.

Behind the decor

The making

From casting metal, setting stones, engraving and polishing... I make each piece of jewelry with passion, know-how and expertise. It takes 4-6 weeks to manufacture from the time I receive the deposit.

Let me know if you want to see some of the steps involved in making your project. I always take photos of the process.

Your jewelry is ready!

The final result

We will contact you as soon as your creation is ready. Receive your jewelry at my workshop or by mail.

Recover & recycle

We buy back, recycle and/or reuse your gold if you have old jewelry that you no longer use. We will credit it to your estimate. It is also possible to recover the stones to include them in new jewelry.